Security Services

We provide a variety of product and security consultation and support.

Cyber Asset Management

Leveraging our partnership with a leading cloud assessment cybersecurity vendor, we provide a data-driven graph-based approach with automated actions on vulnerabilities, centralized analysis and reliable takeaways.

  • Generate evidence and reports of critical resources using AI
  • Visualize relationships to spot vulnerabilities and risks with full context
  • Track compliance across numerous frameworks in real-time
  • Build and map security policies and procedures to the actual environment

Cybersecurity Incident Response

Our dedicated Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CIRT) is equipped to handle and mitigate security incidents efficiently. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to identify, contain, and eradicate threats.

  • Immediate incident identification and containment
  • Forensic analysis to trace the origin of the attack
  • Customized response plans for different types of cyber threats
  • Post-incident recovery and lessons learned for future prevention

Cloud centralized Physical Security

Leveraging our in-house talent and partnerships with leading cloud based physical security vendors, we are able to provide solutions suited to particular organizations, budgets and requirements.

  • Cloud command & control platform
  • Scalable cloud video security
  • Air quality sensors, access control, alarms and more

Product Security

Leveraging our in-house talent and partnerships with world-class security professionals, we are able to provide testing and training tailored to organizational requirements, budgets and security.

  • Product, source code, and cryptography audits
  • Infrastructure and Cloud environment testing
  • Penetration testing

Endpoint Protection Management

Acting as an MSP, we provide 24/7 RMM, ringfence control, and automated deployment and upgrades to your workforce.

  • Data and application access control
  • Privilege escalation control
  • Configurable network access control