Software Services

We have scalable solutions and expert resources for software development

Leveraging in-house talent and a partnership with a global supply chain and ERP development agency, we are able to provide a variety of custom resourcing solutions catering to any organization's needs.

All engineers have security as part of their mindset when building systems, and not an afterthought. This helps your systems 'push left' and maintained compliance easier.

  • Supply chain checking
  • Static analysis
  • AI copilot (optional)
  • Zero Trust mindset

Platform Modernization

  • Web, mobile apps, SaaS, cloud services
  • DevOps, CMS, e-commerce integrations

Quality Assurance

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Test building and running
  • Regression Analysis
  • Test planning and reporting

Data Analysis and AI

  • Data Science and Machine learning
  • BI, AI and prompt engineering
  • Data management and centralization
  • Visualization and dashboards building